Friday, December 2, 2016

What I Read: November 2016

Be Frank With Me - by Julia Claiborne Johnson (4*)  Listening to this on audio was great!  Sweet, clever story about a little boy with amazing strengths and needs.  Many great characters.  Chuckled alot through this one.

If I Forget You - by Thomas Christopher Greene (*3)  This was an interesting read.  A little tough to get into it but at the end it all came together.  When old love comes back to life.

Find the Good - by Heather Lende (*3)  This was a quick listen.  Great short stories about an obituary writer in a remote town in Alaska.  She always sees the good even in a rough, tough life lived.

Dumplin - by Julie Murphy (*3) A sweet, overweight young girl from Texas, Willow Dean, shows us that we are all beautiful no matter our weight. A mom who is a former beauty pageant winner and an overweight deceased aunt (who loved Dolly Parton) are some of the interesting characters who have impacted Willow's life.  I listened to this on audio and loved the Texan accents!

The Mothers - by Brit Bennett (*4) I enjoyed the way this author wove the story.  Not an easy topic (abortion) is the main conflict in this book.  Relationships between mother/daughter, father/daughter, best friends, boy friends and The Mothers are highlighted.  Nadia, the main character, is stepping her way through life and overcoming obstacles along the way both physical, spirtual, educational, social and emotional.

7 - by Jen Hatmaker (*3) 7 is a social and personal experiment.  Giving up the excesses and finding the peace in less.  This was an ebook and I enjoyed reading it.

Humans of New York - by Brandon Stanton  (*3) Loved looking through this book of photographs and very little writing.   People with New York sized personalities are highlighted.

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year - by Susan Townsend (*3)  This book was at times over the top, but funny.  Love the English accent of the reader (I listened on audio).  After her two children go off to college, Eva decides she is going to bed and staying there for a year.  Unique and bizarre characters add to this eccentric, unusual tale.

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  1. The Mothers and Dumplin' were two of my favorite reads this year.

    I think I just heard about The Bookshop on the Corner, someone was saying they were surprised they loved it so much.

    1. I am about 200 pages in and am pleasantly surprised. :)

  2. I'm on the waiting list The Mothers and can't wait to get my mitts on it. Dumplin is also on my TBR and everyone raves about it. I just need to bit the bullet and read it! The Bookshop on the Corner is on my TBR. I am a sucker for stories that deal with bookstores/libraries, etc. I also enjoyed Be Frank with Me. I read it but I can how it would be really good on audio.

    1. You might enjoy Dumplin on audio.

  3. The Women Who Went to Bed For a Year and Find the Good both sound really interesting! Adding them both to my tbr list :)

  4. I listened to Be Frank With Me on audiobook too and it was a fun one! 7 was a good one too. I read it while getting read to move cross-country so it helped me simplify/get rid of stuff I didn't need for the new chapter in my life (marriage).

    Here are my Nov reads: