Tuesday, July 10, 2018

May and June Reads (A Bit Overdue)

Today I am sharing my book reads from May and June.  Overall two very good months for reading.  I was on vacation the second week of June.  I was able to read two books taking place in Bermuda while vacationing there.  I continue to keep up with my Goodreads Reading Challenge (67 out of 100) and will also be participating in Erin's 9.0 Challenge from July 1st to Oct. 31st).  

Joining Jana and Steph For Show Us Your Books:  

Best of the Month:  A Mother's Reckoning, Salt to the Sea

Best of the Month:  Tell Me More, Wildflower, Great Alone 

Erin's 9.0 Challenge Books

Monday, July 2, 2018

Bermuda = Paradise

Bermuda Trip - June 11-18th 
Accomodations made through Bermuda Rentals (Devonshire Cottage)
Bus Transportation/1 day Swizzy Rental (electric car)

Devonshire Bay - Two minutes from the cottage we stayed at (cottage was on a large private residence) in Devonshire.  Walked by everyday on our way to the bus.  Lots of fishing. 

Views from Horseshoe Bay Beach.  We visited several beaches and this was our favorite.  Returned for a second day.

Warwick Long Bay Beach.  Beautiful quiet spot.  There was a large drop down to the water and there was a bit of an undertow.  Rick loved it!

Alexandria Battery Beach.  This is one of the sea glass beaches.  There is alot of sea glass in the water and at the high tide line.  There is also a cave here that you can access by snorkeling or at low tide.  I was alone on the beach for about an hour then two other people came by. 
A few of the sea glass pieces I picked up.  I was thrilled to find quite a bit of pottery. 

Beautiful view through the rock formations at Tobacco Bay Beach.  We had a wonderful day here.  The bay is very calm (good for young children) and a lovely place to snorkle.  We enjoyed this spot very much and were able to see alot of fish of all varieties and colors. 

 This is a photo of the view from the front yard of the property where we stayed (Decks Awashed).  It was absolutely breathtaking.  Infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  We were able to spend the morning enjoying the view, each other and the pool on the day we were leaving. 
Celebrating 30 years coming up July 3rd!  

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What I Read: April 2018

I read some great books in April.  I was in Florida for two weeks with my parents and it allowed for a lot of reading (and listening) time.  My favorite would have to be Underground Railroad.  It was so well written.  I also enjoyed The Hating Game (light, by the pool book), Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties (I enjoy Camille Pagan's writing style and characters) and The Other Einstein.  Dark Matter freaked me out a little and I definitely will re-read it at some point.  

Currently Reading:  Trying to pick!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

MARCH 2018 Reads

I apologize in advance for the delay in this post.  March was a busy month.  My dad had a very serious surgery on the 6th and I have been helping out taking him to appointments etc.  He was feeling well after three weeks recovery and wanted to go to Florida for a few weeks.  My parents rent a house every year for 4 months but this year they were not able to go down until April 5th.  I went with them and hence the delay in  my post.  I really enjoyed every book I read this month.  Favorites:  Tell the Wolves I'm Home and News of the World.  I dove into quite a few books while in Florida and can't wait to share them in May.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I have decided that I will be Reading My Shelves this Spring (April 21 - June 21). This will include a week of vacation.   Here is what I hope to get to:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Books I Read in FEBRUARY 2018


I read and listened to some good books this month!  I'm finding that I read and listen to about the same amount each month (five hard copy and 5 audio).  I have been trying to read my shelves as well and have been participating in Erin's Challenge 8.0.  

Linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books!  The Best Day of the Month📚

Beartown - (from my shelves)*Erin's Challenge - translated from another language*  My husband and I read this one and really enjoyed it.  Like alot of other people have said you don't need to love hockey to love this book.  So many characters to love and hate.  Can't wait for the sequel.  

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (from my shelves)*Erin's Challenge - Name in the title*  I enjoyed this book.  I was hooked from the first chapter.  Need to read more of TJR.

At Home in the World (audio/library Overdrive) I REALLY loved Notes From a Blue Bike and wanted to love this one.  I found it boring (listened and maybe that's why).  Didn't feel any energy in the audio version.  Maybe I should read the hard copy?

Between Breaths (audio/library Overdrive)  This one past the time just fine.  I didn't really know much about Elizabeth Vargas.  The book described the pressure from early on that Elizabeth felt and how it impacted her addiction.  

Big Magic (audio/library Overdrive) I enjoyed this book!  Oftentimes I don't feel very creative, but this book gave lots of insight into understanding and owning your creativity.  Lately, I have had a hard time absorbing information from self help books.  I am going to try to read more over this year to see if that changes.  

Murder on the Orient Express (from my shelves)*Erin's Challenge (book involving travel)*  I have not read alot of Agatha Christie.  I did enjoy And Then There Were None which my husband and I listened to on a long car ride last spring.  I enjoyed Murder... and will hopefully see the movie (which I have heard was BAD?!?!)  I think I will continue to read Christie's books.  

The Couple Next Door (from my shelves)*Erin's Challenge (plot twist book from Book Riot)*  This has been on my tbr for a while.  Glad I finally read it.  I'm starting to read some lightweight thrillers. I enjoyed this one and didn't want to put it down.  I will look forward to reading her next book.  

My Own Words/Ruth Bader Ginsburg (library/hard copy)  After having the honor to hear Justice Ginsburg speak at a local synagogue I wanted to read more about her.  This book was very detailed and covered a lot of the larger cases that RBG presided over.  There is a lot of legalese and at times it was hard to get through.  But overall it was so refreshing to learn a bit more about this phenom and her private/professional life.  

Four Seasons in Rome (audio/library Overdrive) After reading and loving All the Light We Cannot See, I wanted to try another of Doerr's books.  This was a book about a year that Doerr and his family (including a newly born set of twins) spent in Rome.  I liked the way he broke the book up into Seasons.  It past the time just fine and gave wonderful descriptions of the landscape, people and food of Italy.  

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone (from my shelves)*Erin's Challenge (author with same letter first/last name)*  After having read several books about elderly curmudgeons (Ove, Arthur Pepper, Arthur Truluv, Keeper of Lost Things) I decided to read another of Phaedra Patrick's books as it fit the category for the challenge.  Lots of similarities to the others named above.  I would say books that pass the time just fine.  Nothing life changing or overly informative, just light and fun.  

Books currently reading:  The Stars are Fire *Erin's Challenge (a book with a mostly red cover)*